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An endearing modern twist on an old-world tradition.

There is no set time of day for your enchanting tea hour. Relish the realistic sense of refreshing moments with every cup of our hand-picked tea. We hope you’ll take a moment to relax and enjoy some delightful tea flavors while engaging in a pleasant chat.

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Our Story

Incredible luxury Teas from the Queen of Hills

My Tea Pot was formed from a consequent want to offer a luxury and delicious brew of tea with some health benefits. We came to see that the dominant part of tea accessible in the market is the regular CTC teas which is very common, hence we decided to venture out and cater some luxury to the people. My Tea Pot is a pack of tea which has a heritage written over it of almost 50 years of being in the tea business and culture.

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New Arrivals

Discover our newest handcrafted tea arrivals.

As premium tea is the statement of our identity we love to see our consumers enjoy and indulge in variant flavors of luxury tea. Check out the newest teas we have to offer to our consumers. 

100% Pure

Only freshly sourced leaves are produced to make your tea time a memorable one.

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We are delighted to be our customer's top choice with our quality tea products.

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Our tea specialists carefully choose and examine each pack to deliver the finest product to our consumers.

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Gratitude for Producing Delicious Tea
I have been a tea enthusiast for years, and I can confidently say that the luxury tea I tried from My Tea Pot exceeded all my expectations.
Maria Christina

Product Manager

Gratitude for Producing Delicious Tea
The aroma and taste were exquisite, and I could tell that only the finest tea leaves were used. It's the perfect indulgence after a long day.
Kate Platonova


Gratitude for Producing Delicious Tea
As someone who is very particular about the tea I drink, I was blown away by the quality of My Tea Pot luxury tea.
Juris Kleperis


Gratitude for Producing Delicious Tea
My Tea Pot's blend is truly stunning, and was rich and complex in flavor. I felt like I was treating myself to something truly special.
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Ux Designer

Recommendations from the House of my tea pot

Our Unique ‘SpecialiTeas’

Blue tea also known as Butterfly Pea is an herbal infusion native to South Asia. It is rich in antioxidants, promotes heart health and is effective against stress, anxiety and depression. Our Blue Burst Tea contains only natural food colorant making it a great Caffeine-free alternative. 

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